I started playing Minecraft PE in 2017

In beginning of 2017, our entire family started playing Minecraft PE on ipad.

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Minecraft is a game that players are able to mine and craft in it literally. We can create our own worlds or our houses or villages and explorer the world and construct a  railroad etc.. Minecraft has the potential that players want to fulfill their dreams.


We can select the play mode from “Creative” or “Survival”.

“Creative” is suitable to build architectures. We can use any items existing in Minecraft game. That means we don’t need to spend our labors to collect materials such as wood or metals , and implements.

“Survival” is suitable to enjoy the process to develop the own world. In Survival, it is necessary to make continuous efforts to collect materials to make implements.

Also we can select if monsters exist in the world or not. If you want to enjoy thrill and adventure, you should select one of “Normal”, “Easy” or “Hard”. If you are a pacifist, you should select “Peace”.

In my case, I’m kind of chicken and don’t like thrill. However, I like adventure and doing effort to develop my world so I selected “Peace” of “Survival”.

At the first time, it was hard to develop my world. Because I don’t have any items in “Survival”. Fortunately, there were many trees around my first spawning point. I cut a lot of trees to make implements and my house.

I have a lot of things to want to do and create. What a fun game!


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