【Minecraft】 How to download Windows10 Edition

I usually played Minecraft Pocket Edition(PE) but recently downloaded Windows 10 Edition in my Windows PC because I wanted to use and play in PC and transfer the world data in which I played in PE to Windows 10 Edition.

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Today I would like to describe how to download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition in Windows PC.


1  Open Windows Menu and access Store of Windows 10 in your PC.


2  Search “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition” in Store and complete purchasing to install it.


3  Let’s open and play Windows 10 Edition!



It’s more confortable for me to play Windows 10 Edition than Pocket Edition. Because I can use bigger display and the play motion was more stable and smoother. Besides, the most thing I want to recommend is that we can share the world between PE and Windows 10.

How to transfer Windows 10 world to PE world (http://me-explorer.com/en/2017/03/win10-to-pe/)

If you want to play Windows 10 at home in your PC and play PE outside in your tablet, you can transfer your world.



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