【Minecraft】Built my house

Today I would like to introduce my house in Minecraft.

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When I just started playing Minecraft,  I had no idea how to design my house at all. After thinking for a moment, I realized that I liked houses made of wood in real world. I’ve decided to build my house with wood first. In this world, I wan playing the mode of Survival and Peace.


There were a lot of trees of Spruce around my first spawn point. I collected a lot of Spruce wood and made planks and fences.


I’m planning to develop around my first spwn point eventually. However, that’s kind of hilly area, not flat. It’s somewhat tricky to develop the area and I need to make a flat sometimes although I basically like my world.



After building my house, I created basement as well. There was a small cave the house below so I connected the cave and my basement.



I stored a door for basement to be able to enter and go out easily. Because going to the basement through the entrance on first floor and stairs was pain in the neck so much. It got easier.



I made the basement a storage. I want to fill them up completely eventually.

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