How to change/set your skin in Minecraft PE/Windows 10 Edition


Minecraft has 2 types of skin as defaults, Alex and Steve. We can use both of two for free.

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Today I would like to talk about  how to change/choose/set your skin in your Minecraft world .



If you want to create your original skin, please visit these my articles below:


How to change a skin from 2 types of defaults

1. On the lower right on the home page, click “hanger” mark.


2. On the top right, it shows Alex(woman) and Steve(man) as default and you can choose either of them.

Also, besides Alex and Steve, scrolling the lower,  you can use some skins for free which are unlocked.

(I’m describing how to unlock more skins in the end of this page.)

3. After clicking a skin you want to use, click “confirm” to go back to the homepage.


How to set a skin you downloaded on a Skin Editor

1. On lower right on the home page, click “hanger” mark.


2. Tap on the right of Steve and tap Choose New Skin on the upper right.


3.  Minecraft Winsows 10: choose your skin to upload into Minecraft Windows 10 from your PC.

Minecraft PE: choose your skin to upload into Minecraft PE from Camera roll in your iOS.


4. After chosing your skin, click Confirm and back to the home page. At that time, if you can’t see new skin in the home page yet, you should close Minecraft once and open again.


How to join and unlock Skin Packs

1. On the homepage, click “Store”.


2 In “Skin Packs” tab, choose one you want to unlock.


3 Click and complete purchasing.


4 You need to log in to Microsoft in order to purchase it.


5 After completing to purchase, the skin pack gets unlocked. Now you can use the skin pack.


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