4 year old Me Jr.【Minecraft】Gallery#1

Today my son, Me Jr., and Me played multi-play in Minecraft together. We chose “creative” mode in order to focus to create buildings and test equipment to figure out if how some experiments work. In addition, in the Creative mode, we can fly and see from various of angles.

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(1) Me Jr. were absorbed in building an ore store. It’s colorful!


Me:”I’d like to get an ore of diamond.”

Jr: ”This is 1 cent.”

Me:”That’s fantastic. I’ll take it!”

Jr: ”Thank you for your purchase.”




(2) He built a bakery with a villager. They are working hard.




(3)  Jr.:”I made a very useful and convenient equipment. Please take a look!”


This equipment is just with hoppers and chests. It’s simple but looks gorgeous.




(4) He made a map cube in the air.

I liked this idea. I will try this in my world next time.




Kids are very creative and incredible and they often creative something that we, adults, can’t expect and imagine. What an amazing and fun!

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