Themed Basket for Gala’s Auction

My son, Me Jr., is in pre-kindergarten now and they will hold the Gala soon.

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So, today I made 2 baskets in order to contribute to the school.

I asked my friends to contribute some Japanese items for the auction basket and we could collect a lot of unique items for Japan basket.


(1) Japan Fun Basket themed basket

This basket has:

sparkling sake,

face masks,

sushi erasers,

cake erasers,

Japanese kaleidoscope,

Hello kitty napkins,

Hello kitty bag,

Hello kitty hand towels,

2020 Olympic celebratory key rings,


letter set.



(2) Japan Classic Basket themed basket

This basket has:

Japanese sake,

Japanese beer,

wind chime,

Tenugui towels,

Wagashi towel set,

Japanese traditional doll,

dried seaweed,

Sensu folding fun,

disposable paper lunch box.


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Thank you for reading my articles☺

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