【Minecraft】How to download Minecraft PC


My son and I were mainly playing Minecraft PE(MCPE) and sometimes Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. We had been interested in Minecraft PC(MCPC) and downloaded it today.

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MCPC has more items and events and facilities, such as Woodland Mansion and being able to create other color’s bed besides red and breeding villagers etc.. We can expect to have more fun.

It was simple to start MCPE for me. If you have a tablet and just download MCPE of App, you can start playing MCPE. But it was a little tricky to install MCPC.

So today I would like to describe how to download MCPC.

The summary to download MCPC is that:

(1) to create Mojang account if you don’t have it yet

(2) to purchase and install Minecraft PC.


Also, if you paid MCPC once, you can download more than once in other PC. I will describe about this in How to download Minecraft PC more than once without paying section.

Let’s take a look !


Create Mojang account

1    Visit Minecraft official site (https://minecraft.net/ja-jp/) or Mojang official site (https://account.mojang.com/) and create your Mojang account.  You can create your account on either site.


2  Click “Register one here!” in the bottom.


 3  Enter your email address and password and date of your birth to register.


4  Now you can get an email attached verification code. Enter the verification code in the box.



Let’s purchase Minecraft and install it!

1  Make sure if  you successfully logged in. After you create the account in step(1), you will automatically login.

(If you didn’t login by accident, please login first)   Then, click “BUY MINECRAFT”.


2  Create your account name for Minecraft and enter your payment method.

※ After completing creating your account name of Minecraft PC and if you want to change it , you can change the name in Mojang official site.


3 After acceptance to purchase Minecraft, you can download and install it.


Let’s try to play Minecraft!

1  Open your Minecraft PC and login with your account that you created earlier.


 2  Your account name shows up means you logged in successfully. Click Play and enjoy playing it!



How to download Minecraft PC more than one without paying

After a while, I came to want to download MCPC in other PC. Then, I logged in Mojang with my existing account which I already purchased MCPC from the other PC and I was able to download and install it without extra payment.

Without paying is good for us. However, there are some good points and not good points:

  1. MCPC can create independent worlds in each PC. We don’t bother each other to play.
  2. When changing skins of player, we need to use Mojang account. So if one of them changed the skin, another skin is also changed. Skin is dependent on Mojang account.
  3. They are dependent based on the account, we can’t play on multi-play. (If you want to play on multi-play, you need to purchase one more MCPC.)
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