What a beautiful day -Let’s go for a walk with Creeper in NY-

Hi! I’m Me.

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I went a walk this morning in NY with Creeper and enjoyed the sun and beautiful weather.

These days, rainy with fog and cold weather went on. Today we met sunny day finally. All New Yorkers and tourists must have enjoyed this weather.



↓ Image 1 : I took this photo on April 4th 2017.

The cherry blossom were budding. The deep fog was covering over the New York skyline.



↓ Image 2: Taken on April 27 2017.

At the day, it was rainy and foggy day.


↓ Image 3: Taken today(April 28 2017)

It was dry and warm, 14℃(57.2℉) in the morning. According to the weather forecast, the highest temperature will be 28℃(82.4℉).




My buddy, Creeper ,also enjoyed this weather.

There is Empire State Building behind him.


Beautiful trees and Creeper made a mismatched looks and it looks composite photo but, not.

※Creeper is a character in a video game “Minecraft”.



I want to enjoy the beautiful weather more.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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