【Minecraft】How to transfer PE(Pocket Edition) world to Windows 10 Edition


In the past, I introduced how to transfer Windows 10 Edition world to Pocket Edition.

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Today I would like to describe how to transfer PE(Pocket Edition) world to Windows 10 Edition as the last article’s opposite action.




To save the data of PE world into Windows 10 Edition folder in your PC


Then, let’s see the details about it.


Step 1 (iTunes)

1.  Connect your tablet(ios) to iTunes and click your device in the upper left.


2.  Click “Apps” in the left list and scroll to the File Sharing section at the bottom of the page, and click “Minecraft PE”.

Select  “games”  in the right box and click “Save to…”.


3. Select a folder in which you want to save “games” on your PC and click “save”.
※In the image below, I saved it on Desktop.


What I recommend is that you better keep the data of PE world in your PC as a backup for case of some crash.


Step 2 (PC)
Find your save folder of Minecraft Windows 10 in your PC.

The default folder is stored in:

C:→Users→your PC name


In ★you can find some folder(s) with random alphabets.



Now you can play the PE world in the Windows 10 Edition!

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