【Minecraft】【LEGO】 Let’s play with Lego No.21125!


I really like Minecraft series of Lego. I ordered Lego #21125 on Amazon. When our family received it, we got excited.

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Front side of LEGO Minecraft #21125 Package Back side of LEGO Minecraft #21125 Package

It’s voluminous for even adults so I enjoyed building it at the night. It’s fancy and I really love it!

Overall of LEGO Minecraft 21125

This is a overall of it.

I would like to mention about a gimmick in it.

There is a trap door and of course, we’re able to open and close it.

Focusing on a trap door

From other point of view.↓

Focusing on a trap door from the above

The trap door looks real as in Minecraft game.↓

Focusing on a trap door's design

There is a bed too. Steve and Allex can have a rest.

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