New personalized iphone case on Etsy


I bought new iphone case on Etsy. I was searching some cases which have no pocket for credit cards with clear color to see iphone’s own body color.

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new iphone case printed blooming flowers with personalization

I ordered this iphone case on ToGildTheLily in Etsy. I can request the seller to make a personalization with my initial and choose font.

I love it and it’s sturdy look and fancy.


In other store, I read some negative reviews such as “The design was not printed, just sticker on it. It’s disappointing.”.  So I was afraid of failing the choice online before I received it.

The design is so beautiful and NOT sticker! ↓

the surface printed flower, not sticker

I like the touch and joyful colors. I can enjoy these blooming flowers and this good season.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a great day!


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