How to Delete Mojang Account


I created Mojang account when I downloaded and installed Minecraft PC in my windows PC. After a while, my son also came to want to get Minecraft PC in another PC and I created new Mojang account again.

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However, I came to wonder if I can download another Minecraft PC in another computer with the old Mojang account which I already paid for it. I tried to log in Mojang to download in another wondows PC and it worked! I downloaded and successfully installed Minecraft PC in the another PC without paying. This means I don’t need new account any more.

(Please refer How to download Minecraft PC more than one without paying in my another article【Minecraft】How to download Minecraft PC, if you are interested in it.)

Today I’m going to delete my new Mojang account and would like to show how to delete it.


Access Mojang website to login

Visit Mojang support page and click Visit your account settings page in this page.


Log in Mojang if you haven’t yet.


Click Settings” in “My account” on the upper right.


In Settings page, click ”Learn how” in ”Delete your account” section.


Request account deletion” appears. If you already decided to delete your Mojang account, click Request account deletion. If you changed your mind, click Cancel.

If you can’t see Request account deletion, this means you need create security questions to secure your account first. Go to How to set security questions and set your security questions.

I know this is pain in the neck for you! However, deletion is almost there and don’t give up!


If you can see Request account deletion, congratulations! Proceed it.



How to set security questions

After clicking ”Learn how” in Settings, it changes from Learn how to ”Secure your account“. Click Secure your account.


Click Send instructions to get an email of confirmation from Mojang.


Mojang send an email to you.

Check your email box if you received an email, Confirm Change of Security Questions as the subject. Click URL like in the email.(~~~~~ has numbers and alphabets of random characters.)

You can jump to a page to set your security questions. Complete setting your security questions.

After completing setting your security questions, go back to your Settings (←you can jump to Setting section in this page) and proceed the formality of deletion.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope it helps you.

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