Toy Shelves Idea for Toy Trains


What does your kid(s) like? Playing with cars, trains, animals or princess?

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If kids like some specific items, they want to collect these items they like. In my son’s case, since he was 12 months, he is always thinking about only trains and even now he, 5 year old, still loves trains. The his collection of trains are increasing year by year and I was afraid to make a lot of scratches on these trains when putting them back in toy boxes after playing.

I wanted to protect them from scratches and make my son to clean up more easily and found out great idea. The idea is to put them on shelves.


I found a wonderful idea as I had my image of how I wanted to organize his train collections, on Etsy. Etsy helps and gives me a lot of great ideas all the time when I am struggling to look for some ideas.

Toy trains organized on a shelf

They were sold as set of 2 shelves and I connected them by myself with metal plates because I wanted to eliminate waste spaces of his room.

They can hold a lot of toy trains and have groove each shelf as train tracks. Any trains we have and the groove fits well. Having the groove is the reason why I decided to purchase them. It’s really cool!


This is the shelves I purchased.(You can jump and see the product in Etsy from the link)

After installing the shelves in his room, it got be easier and more fun to clean up for my son. It works well.


Thank you for reading my article! Hope this idea helps you. Enjoy organizing your room!

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