Keikyu Line has 3 Colors of Train in Yokohama Japan



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Do you have any favorite trains?

I don’t know the reason clearly but many boys like trains. My son is also the type of boy who loves trains so I’ve been learning about trains with him.

Since my son was a baby, about 12 months, he was already a train lover. We often just went and saw some trains with pushing stroller. Now he’s 5 years old and still loves trains. We have favorite trains in Japan, Keikyu line.

Keikyu runs in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan. Their bodies have 3 types of colors, red and blue and yellow. We call blue ones Blue Sky Train and yellow ones Yellow Happy Train. Red ones mainly run during the day and Yellow Happy Trains are the rarest so if we can see blue or yellow ones unexpectedly, we feel happy and lucky so much.

My son tends to say “I wanna wait for blue or yellow coming on the platform!”, when we go to somewhere by trains.  If he says so, we need to stay on the platform for 20 – 30 minutes OR I search the timetable online in advance to can catch either blue or yellow at the exact time scheduled they will come.



The video I posted this time on YouTube is that we took on Yokohama station when waiting for Blue Sky Train.

The platform of Yokohama station in Keikyu line is modern style and clean. We can see lights flashing to show us trains coming into the platform. It’s really cool.




I will post other videos about trains soon.


Thank you for reading my article and watching my video!

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