Wedding Gift Ideas Part 2 -Etsy is worth using it-


When you need to prepare some gifts for your family or friends’ wedding, are you able to find out any ideas easily and quickly? I’m not at all. It needs to take a long time to decide what I should buy.

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When I ask my friends what they want for wedding gifts and if I’m able to get the answer, it’s so much easier than I need to choose some gifts by myself. However, I’m not sometimes able to get any answers and they would say”anything you choose!”. This often happens around me.

…It’s OK. Looking for some gifts is fun but I’m not good at finding good gifts.

Recently, I had a chance to buy a gift for my brother’s wedding and today I would like to share the gift idea for people who are not good at choosing some gifts like me and hope it will help you.


Let’s try to find a few points from many choices

When I asked my brother, I was not able to get any ideas from him.

Looking for gifts is fun but we tend to consider and get in these loop, such as:

  • what your family/friends need now
  • what it is helpful/useful to start new life for your family/friend
  • what your family/friend like …etc

Next step is that we have to find more specific ideas and focus on fewer points.


This time, 3 things I set are:

  • something they can display in their room
  • something including their names
  • something not too big


Search on Etsy

I am a Etsy fan. I often surf the Etsy for either gifts or myself. So I believed I was able to find some good ideas and products based on the 3 points which I set.

The below is what I chose for my brother this time.↓

Photograph with a beautiful wedding couple

We are able to request the seller to create with the date of their wedding, their names, photograph. In addition, the frame was very sturdy and looked classy. This point was important  for me, especially for a gift.  When online order, we’re not sure whether the exact product is just right as we expect or not before we receive it. This time, I really got satisfied with my purchase.


The frame I ordered is the below. ↓

Wedding / Anniversary Frame your Date: Sepia- Personalized with your own photo


However, I misunderstood one thing in this purchase. I will tell about the mistakes in Mistake we tend to make online order….


Why I love Etsy so much

In Japan, Etsy is not popular so much. So I knew it after we moved to NY. My friends highly recommended it  and now I got to be a big fan of Etsy.

The reason why I love Etsy is that I am able to request personalized order and Etsy has a lot of great ideas for any occasions.

When I found something I wanted, if I didn’t see whether the seller could accept requests for creating personalization through the image in which was posted in the product page, I was able to contacte to ask the seller directly and got the answer from the seller quickly. They have flexible ways for vary customer ‘s needs. It’s really nice.

In addition, if I have no idea to choose for some gifts, it always gives me great ideas more than I expect.



Other Wedding Gift Ideas

Before I decided to purchase this frame, I was wondering as other ideas:


Mistake we tend to make online order・・・

When I just ordered this frame, I misunderstood that the frame has a blank and we can insert pictures in it by ourselves. After a while, I received a message from the seller that she wanted me to send a picture for the frame. I realized that my misunderstanding at that time.

However, my brother hadn’t had wedding party yet although I wanted my brother to insert his wedding photo in it.


It took me a long time to find this product so I really wanted it, I thought I couldn’t find another better thing any more. Then, I contacted and negotiated with her to accept to wait until my brother has wedding party(for about 7 months). She said “Yes!” willingly. She’s so sweet.

Her page in Etsy, Element120photos. I highly recommend this store.

I hope you enjoy to look for good gifts for your dear family/friends.

Thank you for reading my article!

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