Best Place for Summer in NY to Visit


In NY,  winter is so long and tough season since it snows so much and freezes outside. After winter is gone, we can finally wake from “hebernation” and it’s good time to go out and enjoy the weather and get fresh air. On usual April it’s still kind of chilly but on May it’s getting warmer and events and activities increase everywhere. It’s fun season!

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Today I would like to introduce best place in NY, Governors Island, to should visit in from early summer to fall. (In 2017, it’ll be open from May 1 to October 1.)



What/Where is Governors Island?

Governors Island is a small island and located on south-east from Manhattan. The island used to be a United States Army post. After the era, the island was used as a major United States Coast Guard installation. in 2003, a part of the island was transferred to the State and City of New York for $1, and the another part of the island was transferred to the United States Department of the Interior as the Governors Island National Monument, administered by the National Park Service, in which two of the island’s three historical fortifications were designated as a National Monument.


How to get to Governors Island

①Governors Island Ferry

During the season which the island is open, the official Governors Island Ferry runs from Battery Maritime Building(BMB) and from Peir 6 on Brooklyn.

Now Peir 6 is closed due to contraction and instead, Peir 1 is used. Peir 6 will reopen on June 3, 2017. You should check the official site of NYC Ferry, before you have a trip.

From Manhattan(Battery Maritime Building(BMB))

It runs on both weekends and weekdays. On weekends until 11:30am, the fare of the ferry is free.

On weekdays, adults of round-trip is $2, children under 13 of round trip is free. You can bring your own bicycle for free.

Battery Maritime Building(BMB)  official website:


From Blooklyn(Peir 6)

It runs on only weekends. On weekends until 11:30am, the fare of the ferry is free.

Peir 6 website official website:


How to purchase tickets

You can get tickets at the ticket booth at Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan and Peir 6 in Brooklyn OR you can also get tickets in advance on Waterways Apps or Waterways website. When you purchase tickets, you need to create your account with your email address.

※Notice:I tried to access Waterways website to purchase tickets but the destination, Governors Island, doesn’t show up this year. You should purchase on the app or in the ticket booth in person.(5/30/2017)

Waterways App:



②East River Ferry(Only Saturday and Sunday)

East River Ferry runs on only Saturdays and Sundays in which it is expected that many tourists visit to Governors Island.

How to purchase tickets

Tickets are purchased at the each peir tickets booth in person OR on App.

Fare is: $2.75 for adults per ride, free for children under the height of 44 inches per ride. You can also ride with your own bicycle. (Fare for bicycle : $1)

East River Ferry(NYC Ferry) Website:

NYC Ferry App:


We can see the beautiful Manhattan’s skyline from the ferry.


You can store your bicycle in the ferry like the image below.

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Activities/events on Governors Island

Governors Island is very quiet and peaceful as contrasted with Manhattan, which is always busy and hustle and bustle.



There arevariety food on vender. We can take tables around the shops or have picnic with your blanket.



Hammocks are waiting for you to make you relax. You can enjoy the weather and the air with swinging.


The old building is preserved and used.

On the island, the road is clean and wide. The atmosphere is very comfortable.

On the west side, there is the Statue of Liberty. On the North side, there is the One World Trade Center.


Governors Island is very kid-friendly. Your little kids can have fun.


The island is big for walkers, especially for kids. If you want to avoid getting tired, you should rent bicycle on the island.

Bicycle rental rates are depending on sizes or types of bicycle.(Approximately $15-$30 for 2 hours.) They have child seats and bicycles for kids too.

Details for bicycle rentals


There is a fountain which kids can play during the summer. Don’t for get to bring extra clothes.



During the season which Governors Island is open, they have many different and unique events. I would introduce some events I picked up with my interests in 2017.



June 24th and 25th, 2017

This is not just a picnic. Participants who join Pinknic wear brilliant pink dress or shirts and Pinknik offers “pink drink”(rose) and varies food.

Participants are required to purchase tickets in advance on Pinknic official website.

Pinknic Official Website:


②Governors Island Swim

July 1, 2017

This is a chance which you can swim in New York Harbor. Distance of one lap around Governors Island which the swimmer will swim is approximately 2 miles.

New York Open Water, Inc. Website:


③NYC Volkswagen Traffic Jam

August 20, 2017

The NYC Volkswagen Traffic Jam exhibite vintage Volkswagen cars. Around 100 Beetles, buses, dune buggies etc. made in 1950s-1970s will show up.



It’s worth visiting Governors Island. Let’s make happy memories with your families/friends on Governors Island.

Governors Island Website:


Thank you for reading my article and hope you have a great trip!

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