Minecraft Pocket Edition/Windows10 Edition released Update 1.1(6/1/2017)


There is big great news for Minecraft PE/Window 10 Edition players. New update was released on June 1,2017!

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The main details are following.


  • Added a setting to toggle smooth lighting


  • Off-hand slot

※Off-hand slot only works with arrows and totems of undying.



  • Adventure mode


  • Iron and gold tools can now be smelted into iron nuggets and gold nuggets


  • Frost Walker
  • Mending

World generation

  • Woodland mansions


  • Concrete
  • Concrete powder
  • Glazed terracotta
  • Shulker box
  • Frosted ice
  • Beds can now be dyed in all 16 colors. Also gives a short bounce when jumped on)


  • Explorer maps
  • Totem of undying
  • Iron nugget
  • Spawn eggs
  • Lead motion improved
  • Maps are now numbered so you can tell which map is
  • Empty maps with compasses have been renamed to Locator maps to distinguish between empty maps without compasses


  • Llama
  • Vindicator
  • Evoker
  • Vex
  • Cartographer villagers

参考:Minecraft Official Wiki




Now you can hold arrows and totems of undying on your off-hand. I highly hope another update to be able to hold shields comes soon.


Now we can smelt our iron/gold items into iron/gold nuggets. This means it came to be easier to collect iron/gold for players. We can craft iron/gold ingot with 9 irin/gold nuggets.

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