Q train finally opened on 2nd Ave of Manhattan in NY in 2017


In New York, a lot of subways run. They have alphabets and numbers on their names and it can helps kids learn alphabets and numbers in NY.

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A big project was running for a long time for NYC subway system and 2nd Avenue Q train finally opened on Upper East side, 63-96th Street. This is what New Yorkers expected for a long time.

Q train runs from 96th and 2nd Ave through Midtown, Downtown toward Brooklyn without any transfer. Also at Lexington Ave/63th Street station, we can transfer to the F on the same platform and it makes commuters from Queens very easy.


This video was taken in the biginning of January, 2017 at 96th Street station when I just strolled by new Q train. The new station was very clean and modern andstylish.


The other phrases on 2nd Ave. are still under construction. In the future, when they open, T train will run on the other phrases but it’s unclear when they will open.

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