Best things to do in Coney Island, NY


Coney Island is at the south end of Brooklyn released from the urban noise. It takes approximately one hour to get there from the center of Manhattan.

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The subway of Manhattan goes along the basement, but the train runs over the ground when we enter Brooklyn at once. We can enjoy cityscape of Brooklyn from the window and get to Coney Island Stillwell Av Station shortly.


We can see a roller coaster and the Ferris wheel of the amusement park called the Luna park when going down Coney Island Station. The history is old, and a luna park is an amusement park with a nostalgic atmosphere. There is the wooden roller coaster, too.


( in Coney Island Fun)

Art wall designed Ferris Wheel in Luna ParkFerris wheel on the wall at Coney Island station


Nathen’s Famous Hot Dog

Across the Coney Island Stillwell Av station, there is the main store of Nathan’s Famous which it’s famous as the place International Hot Dog Eating Contest is held 

On the electric board, it counts down to the date which the contenst will be held next time

In the store, especially from May to August around noon, it’s very popular and crowded inside. It may be hard to take a table and seats to eat hot dogs.



There is the beach in Coney Island, and in summer, it is full with New Yorkers and tourists who relax in a beach, and play water. There is a playground equipment in the sandy beach so little kids can enjoy it.

After summer is gone and it starts getting chilly to play in the sea, on around the end of September, the congestion is getting less. I really like the season to visit Luna Park. We can easily get our turn to ride without any stresses. There is no stress to wait for a turn to ride some rides and can enjoy the activities.


One weekend on the beginning of October

There is Nathan’s Famous on Board Walk along the beach

In this store, it’s probably quicker to get your order than the main store which is across the Coney Island Stillwell Av station. I recommend you to purchase there in rush hours.

There are benches installed in the boardwalk, and you can eat a hot dog while watching the sea.

However, keep in your mind about seabirds may aim at your food, please be careful of your little kids not to be raided particularly.


Luna Park

When you ride, you need to purchase wrist bands of no limited ticket or Luna card of including bonus credits. You can purchase on ticket booth close to the ride area or on website in advance.


Ferris Wheel is not included in the ride and attraction area. This means you can’t use the wrist band tickets or Luna card and need to pay exclusive ticket for it.

Luna Park website for purchasing tickets:


Swing ride

Splash coaster

Race car is acceptable 40-56 inches kids ride next to guardians

Roller coaster

Luna Park in open from April to October. The schedule is changeable in each year and depending on weather etc. You need to check its website in advance if it’s open.

Luna Part website:



New York Aquarium


New York Aquarium is located next to Luna Park. It has shows of sea lions so if you expect to see the show, you should check the official website to figure out the time to arrive on time.

( in NY Aquarium) 

In the aquarium inside, it has colorful and tiny fish. Outside, it has penguins and sea lions etc.


New York Aquarium website:


When you access the aquarium first, I can recommend you get off at West 8 St/NY Aquarium station. It’s shorter to get to the aquarium than from Coney Island Stillwell Av station.

Coney Island Stillwell Av station:D・F・N・Q ※There is elevator

West 8 St/NY Aquarium station:F・Q ※No elevator


Thank you for reading my article and have a great trip!

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