How to create your original skin for Minecraft PC/Windows10 -Online-


What kind of  skin in Minecraft PC/Windows 10 Edition are you using? Using your original skin makes you more fun!

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Today I’d like to talk about how to create an original skin online.




1. Where to design and make and download your skin for Minecraft PC/Windows 10


First, access  Minecraft Skins -The Skindex- (


1-1. In the home page of The Skindex, click Editor.


1-2. This is the editor page below.



There are BODY and OVERLAY buttons in this page. When your first visit in this page, OVERLAY is already on. If you want to create your BODY(SKIN), not CLOTHES, don’t forget to turn off OVERLAY.


2. How to download your skin you created

After creating is done, we are going to download the skin in our PC.

This is my son’s skin below.

Click Download to Computer into download the skin.

Also, memorize or make a note where to download in your PC because you need to upload from there later.


3. How to upload your skin into Minecraft PC

3-1. Open Minecraft PC. In the home page, click Skin.


3-2. Choose a type of bodies, Classic or Slim, you want. Classic is bigger than Slip and click Reference.


3-3. Select your skin you saved in your PC earlier.


3-4. Here, don’t forget to click Save button.


3-5. A message comes up to let you know the setting is done successfully. Now click Play.


3-6. Now you can play with your new skin!


4. How to upload your skin into Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Jump into my article, How to change/set your skin in Minecraft PE/Windows 10 Edition’ How to set a skin you downloaded on Skin Editor section.


Thank you for reading this article☺

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