How to copy and transfer your skin using on Minecraft PE(Pocket Edition) to Windows 10 Edition.


I would introduce some tips to upload and copy the original skin which you used on Minecraft PE to use on Minecraft Window 10 Edition. (I use ipad/iphone.)

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This tips are convenient for the person who wants to use the same skin on MCW10 using on PE.



  1.  Use cloud storage
  2. Connect iPad/iPhone and PC with USB


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Copying the skin which you want to upload and transfer from Camera Roll on your ios to PC

Here, you need to copy the skin for PE in which stored in a camera roll to a PC. Any process to copy is fine, so if you already have the knowledge for it and can copy it, please skip this paragraph and go to Download to PC via online skin editor online.


1. Use cloud storage

The cloud storage which I used this time is OneDrive so I explain how to upload to OneDrive. If there is the cloud storage which you are used to using, you can use that.



When you use OneDrive, you need to log in it with MicrosoftのAccount. I believe that all of you who read this article already have Minecraft Windows10 Edition, this means you already have Microsoft account. I leave out the explanation of how to create Microsoft account this time.


1. Download OneDrive in App store on your ios.

2. Open OneDrive and log in with your Microsoft account.

3. Upload your skin which stored in Camera Roll in your ios.


3-1 Tap your skin in Camera Roll


3-2 Tap shape of □ on the upper right.


3-3 Select to tap OneDrive.


3-4 You can Select a file which you want to upload in OneDrive. Tap Upload to OneDrive.


4. Now open OneDrive on your PC and download your skin to your PC file which you want to.


Please memorize where you uploaded for a while because you need to be back later.


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2. Connect iPad/iPhone and PC with USB

Connect ipad/iphone and your PC and open Explorer on your PC.


Click ipad/iphone mark to open.


Open files in order.


Select the skin which you want to copy and download it to file on your PC.

Please memorize where you uploaded for a while because you need to be back later.



Download to PC via online skin editor online

Now we are almost ready to set your skin on Minecraft Windows 10 but the skin format is different from what MCW10 can accept. You need to convert the skin into other format.


1. Access The Skindex.Press Editor on the center of the above.


2. Click Upload from Computer and select the file in which you uploaded your skin on previous paragraph.


Pop-up comes up so choose either one of Steve or Alex.

(Steve is bigger than Alex. Here, I selected Alex.)


3.  You need to just download the skin back to your PC. However, if you want to edit the skin here, now it’s a chance to edit.

Click Download to Computer to download to PC.


※Refer to【マインクラフト】PC/Windows10 の スキン(キャラクター)の作成方法 ~オンライン編~,if you are interested in how to use The Skindex and the details.


How to change your skin on PE/Windows 10 Edition:

【マインクラフト】PE/Windows10 Edition スキン(キャラクター)の変更方法の記事の中の、ダウンロードしたスキンを使用する方法に記載しています。参照されて、スキンの設定を完了して下さい。



I hope it helps to you who got stuck in the same issue as I got.

Thank you for reading my article.

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