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Hello! My name is Me. Welcome to Me’s free Japanese lesson.

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Here, I’m going to talk about the [a-row]「あぎょう」 of Japanese language.

The [a-row]「あぎょう」has 5 vowels,「あ」,「い」,「う」,「え」and「お」.


「あ」 is pronounced [a].

[あ/a] is used for:

  • あり/蟻/a・ri  =ant
  • あさ/朝/a・sa    =morning
  • あき/秋/a・ki     =autumm
  • あか/赤/a・ka    =red
  • あれ/a・re    =that

and more.


「い」is pronounced [i].

[い/i] is used for:

  • いぬ/犬/i・nu               =dog
  • いす/椅子/i・su           =chair/stool
  • いし/石/i・shi              =stone/rock
  • いたい/痛い/i・ta・i    =hurt/painful/sore/ache
  • いろ/色/i・ro               =color

and more.


「う」 is pronounced [u].

[う/u] is used for:

  • うんどう/運動/u・n・do・o  =exercise
  • うえ/上/u・e           =high/older
  • うたう/歌う/u・ta・u      =sing
  • うんてん/運転/u・n・te・n   =drive/operation
  • うんち/u・n・chi        =poop

and more.


「え」 is pronounced [e].

[え/e] is used for:

  • えび/海老/e・bi                        =shrimp/prawn/lobster
  • えんとつ/煙突/e・n・to・tsu        =chimney
  • え/絵/e                                             =picture/drawing/painting
  • えいご/英語/e・i・go                     =English
  • えいが/映画/e・i・ga                     =movie

and more.


「お」 is pronounced [o].

[お/o] is used for:

  • おにぎり/o・ni・gi・ri       =rice ball
  • おじぎ/お辞儀/o・zi・gi        =bow
  • おうえん/応援/o・u・e・n     =cheer/backup/support/help
  • おとな/大人/o・to・na          =adults/growups
  • おなら/o・na・ra                     =fart/gas

and more.

Platform: These videos are made in a game, Minecraft.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your message to me! Let’s have fun to learn Japanese together.

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