Summer’s Activities in NYC in 2017 -Summer Streets-


There are a lot of various activities in summer in NYC. It’s time to have great outdoor activities with water even if you are in a concrete jungle!

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I would like to focus on playing with water to keep cool and am going to talk about an annual event in NY, Summer Streets.




The Summer Streets will be held for consecutive Saturdays in August, 5th, 12th and 19th, between 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. It takes over about 7 miles from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, along Park Avenue and Lafayette Street.

There are 2 areas for playing with water,  LG QuadWash™ Water Park and Vita Coco Beach featuring the Beachside Slide, in the Summer Streets.


LG QuadWash™ Water Park at Central Park Rest Stop

The one of the place that we can play with water is LG QuadWash™ Water Park located at Central Park Rest Stop,  at 71st Street and Park Avenue.
In according to Summer Streets on
 The LG QuadWash™ Water Park is a first-of-its-kind installation – a giant inflatable water park measuring 30’ wide by 50’ long modeled after both the exterior and interior elements of the LG QuadWash™ dishwasher. The water park will feature obstacle courses continuously soaked by powerful jet streams, massive slides in the shape of cutlery, and hanging glide rails for kids of all ages to zoom down into pools of water.
It’s designed like the picture below:
We don’t need to sign up for a time slot in advance. However, we need to get in line in the morning on the Saturday. encourages us to arrive by “8 am” to register to secure a spot.
All who are less than 36” in height must be accompanied by an adult. If you’re under 18 years of age, you will need to obtain a sign off from your parents or guardian. The maximum weight restriction per participant is 330 lbs.

Vita Coco Beach featuring the Beachside Slide at Foley Square Rest Stop

Source: Vita Coco Coconut Water on YouTube

The another place that we can play with water is Vita Coco Beach featuring the Beachside Slide located at the Foley Square Rest Stop at the intersection of Centre Street & Lafayette Street, at Foley Square.
Visit Vita Coco Beach has a 270-foot water slide(can you imagine this length?)
We need to register in advance online on Vita Coco Beachside Slide Week Registration(
  • Registration for August 5 opens on July 31st
  • Registration for August 12 opens on August 7th
  • Registration for August 19 opens on August 14th

All who are over 46 inches tall and 5 years or older can join this slide! (but if you’re under 18, you’ll need to get a sign off from your parents.)

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Enjoy your summer and keep your cool!!!

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